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Balloon Powered Car & Astronaut Toy Set

Keep Kids Entertained For Hours With Fun & Laughter




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Are you looking for a toy that will blow your child's mind with so much fun? Watch their little eyes light up with joy when they see this!

Child Development

Child-Parent Bonding

Child Development

Keep Kids Entertained For Hours With Fun & Laughter

Scientific Fun - Keep little ones entertained for hours! Using science, watch the car zoom across the floor or the astronaut fly high by using just balloons. Watch they laugh and smile with joy!

The Balloon Powered Car and Astronaut Toy Set includes:

  • 1 X Balloon Launch Tower

  • 2 X Powered Balloon Car

  • 1 X Powered Balloon Crab Car

  • 1 X Launch Tower

  • 1 X Astronaut Launcher

  • 1 X Rocket Launcher

  • 12 X Durable Balloon (Random Color)

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Why choose Balloon Powered Car & Astronaut Toy Set?

Benefits for Kids and Parents

  • The Toy Set Entertrain Kids

  • Parents Play Together with Their Children
  • The Toy Can Improve Your Child's Athletic & Mental Abilities.

  • This is an Air-Powered Balloon Car & Astronaut Toy Set for kids‘s science experiment about Aerodynamics knowledge

  • Safety Materials: Made of ABS environmental-friendly plastic

  • 3 - 10 day delivery

How To Play?

Car Mode

  • Open the car roof and put on the balloon

  • Align the air inlet and connect the car

  • Press down on the inflator rod to inflate the balloon

  • Press the "Start" button, the car stars to sprint

Astronaut Mode

  • Connect the launch pad to the inflator. 

  • Fix the balloon in the air outlet of the rockets or sapceman 

  • Get the balloon inflated by pressing the rod continuously. 

  • Press the start button, then the rocket or spaceman will fly into the air. 

1 x Balloon Powered Car & Astronaut Set

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900+ Reviews

3 x Balloon Powered Car & Astronaut Set

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900+ Reviews

2 x Balloon Powered Car & Astronaut Set

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100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

900+ Reviews


Do you still ship during COVID-19 regulations?

Yes! Our shipping services remain open despite the COVID-19 outbreak and regulations.

Is it suitable for 2 or 3 years kids?

That is the starting recommended age. Your kids will learn aerodynamics without even knowing it.

Does it comes with instructions?

No. But it is very intuitive. Just make sure you use the pumps gently.

Will it run on a carpet?

There are cases when runs on a carpet and there are situations when it just dont. Depending on the carpet texture. You need plain surfaces.

Where can I get Replacement Balloons?

It’s regular balloons you probably can get in any store. Maybe in smaller size but it’s not something special

How/Where can I get an Extra Car?

Please contact us and we will get that to you.

Where are you located and where do you ship from?

Our company and products are all designed in Laytonville, CA. We are shipping from a variety of locations depending where you are based.

Which days do you ship?  

We ship orders Monday–Friday. Please allow 3 days processing time due to the current situation.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

For customers within the United States, your order will arrive within 3 - 6 business days after processing via USPS Priority Mail. We ship international orders via DHL. Average delivery time is 7 - 9 business days.

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