BRAVQO's Baby Water Playground Mat®


This will keep your baby entertrained while develops strength on his back, legs, arms and neck!

 Want your baby to be stronger ?

Aside from preventing a flat head, this sensory baby mat can also delight brain development and enhancing hand-eye coordination.

Get the most out of your baby play time with BRAVQO's Baby Water Playground Mat®.

This truly is the best educational and baby development toy on the market right now. 

Improve your baby's STRENGTH and enjoy quality time playing with him! A must have toy for your baby.

EASY to use, store and also safe!

Why leave the baby lay on his back when you can have your baby playing and developing his senses and having them prepared to explore the world on their own...?

Limited Stock Left - 50 units available. We pay the shipping for you!

May take 1-4 weeks to arrive


  • Strong PVC - it won't leak
  • Size: 66 * 50cm / 26 * 19.7in

Collections: BABIES

Type: Babies

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